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How we use social media to build your brand

  • We expand your reach. With a targeted social media strategy, we can generate more engagements, impressions, and followers.
  • We improve your search rankings. Google and other search engines recognize the importance of social. The more interactions, the higher your rank in the SERPs.
  • We build trust. By working with your company to identify and create the most valuable, relevant content, we facilitate meaningful connections with your audiences.
  • We increase your profitability. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to reach unlimited numbers of potential customers across the globe.
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How we can help

Social media marketing strategy

Our strategy development starts with auditing and analyzing important market data, industry and platform trends and the top-performing content for your audiences. Based on this data, we develop a custom strategy that’s integrated with your other online marketing activities.

Platform-specific approaches

Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, or Snapchat, users engage with different social channels in different ways. We have expertise in all major platforms and understand that each requires a tailored approach. We fine-tune your strategy to get the best results wherever you engage with your audiences, while ensuring brand consistency across your channels.

Content creation & publishing

Our team of experts is experienced in creating content that is helpful, engaging and worth sharing. We also know that when you post can sometimes be just as important as what you post, so we carefully craft editorial calendars that ensure a steady stream of quality content.

Paid social campaigns

Using the robust targeting capabilities of social media, we put your brand directly in front of your hottest prospects. Read more about our paid social services.

Reporting & optimization

Using a wide range of tools, we track and report on the results of your organic social campaigns. By using A/B content tests and comprehensive analysis methods, we’ll provide data and insights for continuous improvement.

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How we work

Shaped by 20 years of experience.

Effective marketing helps your brand stand out from competitors. At PAN, we know about standing out from the crowd, because we operate differently than most digital marketing agencies. Our founders started PAN after years of working on in-house marketing teams, and that experience has shaped how we partner with clients.

We know that commitment, frequent communication and continuous optimization yield the best results in digital marketing. We act as a part of your team; teaching you best practices and making sure you have the right data and the right expertise to succeed.

Whatever help you need with your social media marketing, we will:

  • set clear goals
  • publish targeted, quality content across platforms
  • monitor and analyze performance continuously
  • deliver frequent performance reports
  • provide measurable results

Ready to step up your social media performance?

Thierry De Marre
Co-founder, PAN

Are you looking for an all-round digital marketing agency with an impressive social media expertise and a network of local content writers worldwide? Contact me for a free assessment of your current social media marketing efforts.