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We believe people come first, the numbers will follow. Meet the team of experts behind PAN.

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The company

PAN was founded in 2013 by partners Sven van den Broek and Thierry De Marre. The pair’s experience working in-house on digital marketing teams has shaped the backbone of our company’s philosophy. At PAN, we believe in treating our clients like they’re on our team: being fully transparent, sharing our expert knowledge, and collaborating to achieve the best results. In 2022, PAN was proudly acquired by OYO, a global platform revolutionizing the world of hospitality by empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses with hotels and homes. This partnership with OYO further strengthens our commitment to excellence and innovation in serving our clients.

PAN way

We value

We’re always looking to improve and we know the best solutions come from working together. Whether it’s with employees, owners, vendors or clients, we believe in collaborating for the best results.

We value

Seneca said, ‘While we teach, we learn’ and we believe that to be true. We make sure we continue to learn and that we teach each other and our clients along the way.

We value
real talk.

We don’t promise huge returns, we promise real results. Digital marketing shouldn’t be a ‘black box’ so we don’t talk about it like it’s magic. We believe in being straightforward with all parties, both internally and externally.

We value
the geek within.

A geek is an expert or enthusiast that’s obsessed with an intellectual pursuit. Even though some people see being geeky as a bad thing, we like working with geeks, because they’re just as passionate as we are.

We value

The prefix PAN is derived from Ancient Greek; meaning ‘all’. And we believe in respecting people from all backgrounds. We value open-mindedness and inclusivity when it comes to our employees, clients, and vendors.

Meet the team

Thierry De Marre
Co-founder, SEO specialist
Sven Van Den Broek
Co-founder, SEO specialist
Davide Bellone
SEO project manager
Rob Verschuren
Editor in Chief

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