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Getting visitors is only the initial phase of digital marketing. The real challenge is converting traffic into sales.

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How we turn your traffic into sales

To optimize conversion rates, you have to know what to optimize, where to optimize and who to optimize for. That’s why, data is the cornerstone of successful CRO strategies.

To increase your conversion rate we

  • Track and analyze how users behave on your website
  • Give insight into your site’s strengths and pain points
  • Optimize every detail based on our expert analysis of the data
  • Measure, evaluate and improve continuously
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How we can help

Holistic CRO strategies

We evaluate everything from your keyword strategy and mobile web design to your PPC and social media ads. Then, we provide a plan with optimizations for every piece of your digital marketing to increase your conversion rates.

Website redesign

Our UI and UX experts have experience redesigning websites with conversion rate optimization in mind. We’ll ensure brand consistency, reduce elements that distract from the path to conversion, and design a site that turns more of your traffic into customers.

Conversion funnel optimization

Each page that a visitor views before converting is an opportunity to become distracted and leave. Our conversion funnel analysis ensures that potential customers stay on the right path to conversion. We review, test and tweak CTAs and optimize landing pages to make paid search really pay off.

A/B & User Testing

With A/B and User Testing, we combine data and creativity to find new approaches for CRO. Our team will design, conduct and evaluate testing programs, providing actionable recommendations from the results.

Sharing knowledge & training

We believe that collaboration is the key to digital marketing success. As part of our CRO services, we coach and share our knowledge with your in-house team, so they can implement learnings across the company’s digital marketing footprint.

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How we work

Shaped by 20 years of experience.

Effective marketing helps your brand stand out from competitors. At PAN, we know about standing out from the crowd, because we operate differently than most digital marketing agencies. Our founders started PAN after years of working on in-house marketing teams, and that experience has shaped how we partner with clients.

We know that commitment, frequent communication and continuous optimization yield the best results in digital marketing. We act as a part of your team; teaching you best practices and making sure you have the right data and the right expertise to succeed.

Whatever your CRO needs are, we will:

  • analyze your CRO performance
  • determine the most promising ways to improve conversion
  • frequently review data and give suggestions for further optimization
  • provide measurable results

Ready to turn more visitors into customers?

Thierry De Marre
Co-founder, PAN

If you’re looking for a full-service digital marketing agency that has expertise in conversion rate optimization, contact me to learn more.