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Just translating your website isn’t enough. Let us fine-tune your international SEO strategy to achieve more traffic, leads and sales.

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Ask yourself, what if…

  • I had as much knowledge and expertise in international markets as in my home market?
  • I could tap into a global network of local SEO experts?
  • I had a sparring partner whose core business is getting international SEO results?

That’s exactly what we offer

PAN helps companies target international markets as successfully as their home market.

As a one-stop shop for truly local SEO in over 40 countries, PAN provides

  • adaptation of your global marketing strategy to fit the specific needs of your international target markets
  • copywriting, keyword research and link building in-language by local SEO experts
Some of the brands that trust us for their international SEO

How we can help

Technical optimizations

You don’t need to have a team of technical SEO webmasters. We make sure your website is correctly crawled and indexed by search engines through optimizing your URL structures and Hreflang implementation.

In-region keyword research

Virtually anyone can do keyword research for every country in the world, but our local SEO experts will do this faster, more effectively and often more creatively. They can better assess the outcome of their efforts thanks to first-hand knowledge of their home market, industries, and local search habits.

International content creation

Our local SEO copywriters don’t just translate content, they write authentic, in-language content for their home market. Only a native copywriter, immersed daily in their own culture, will be able to hit the right chord with fellow nationals.

Localized link building

When it comes to boosting your international SEO rankings, search engines prefer local links instead of links from other countries. Our in-region SEO experts will get you relevant, high-quality backlinks from local websites in an organic way.

+40 Countries
20 SEO years
100% Commitment

An international SEO success story

In 2018, we began working for a global brand in the entertainment industry. Instead of using the brand’s existing content strategy, generally based on low-quality translations, we gathered regional language teams to brainstorm and develop content ideas together. Once a country-specific strategy was developed, we had local copywriters create content for their respective country. The improved content quality lead to a 25% decrease in bounce rates, 40% increase in time on page and 30% increased site traffic across all four targeted countries.

How we work

Shaped by 20 years of experience.

Effective marketing helps your brand stand out from competitors. At PAN, we know about standing out from the crowd, because we operate differently than most digital marketing agencies. Our founders started PAN after years of working on in-house marketing teams, and that experience has shaped how we partner with clients.

We know that commitment, frequent communication and continuous optimization yield the best results in digital marketing. We act as a part of your team; teaching you best practices and making sure you have the right data and the right expertise to succeed.

Whatever your international SEO needs are, we will:

  • assess of your current international SEO
  • set common goals
  • monitor performance continuously
  • deliver frequent performance reports
  • provide measurable results

Tap into a global network of local SEO experts.

Thierry De Marre
Co-founder, PAN

Are you looking for a full-service digital marketing agency with vast international expertise? Our team of local SEO experts can increase your global sales. Contact me for a free assessment of your international SEO.