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0ptim1ze is no more, welcome to PAN

After nine years of growing in numbers and expertise, we decided it was time for a new flag to better cover the load. And after a year of quietly working on our rebranding process, 0ptim1ze has finally become PAN.

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Bill Bernbach, the prophet of inbound marketing

The concept of inbound marketing was not known until 2005 when this phrase was coined by HubSpot’s CEO, Brian Halligan.…

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Get the best out of your content writers through the perfect brief.

Whether you are a marketing manager or the owner of a webshop, it is highly likely you do not write…

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International marketing: from translation to transcreation

When you go international, the first thing to do is have your website translated to address your new audiences in…

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International marketing blunders: laugh about them rather than make them

Is your product a hit in the Netherlands? Try it in Uzbekistan! No problem at all. Thanks to the internet,…

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What will government regulation of Big Tech mean for your marketing?

Google has defined the way we search, Facebook the way we interact socially, and Amazon the way we shop. Three…

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Content lessons from literary writers – 3

A short story is a love affair, a novel is a marriage.

- Lorrie Moore

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Content Lessons from Literary Writers – 2

‘Don’t tell me the moon is shining. Show me the glint of light on broken glass.’ – Anton Tsjechov Anton…

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Content Lessons From Literary Writers: 1. Personality

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” –…

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International SEO: should I target by country or language?

Why would you want to stay local when you can explore international markets? Offering your products and services to a…

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Black Friday: e-commerce advice for successful seasonal marketing

Black Friday is gaining importance for webshops. These marketing tips are also useful for other seasonal peaks, like Christmas, Halloween, etc.

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Content marketing is all about finding the right balance

All sorts of agencies present themselves as content marketing experts, for content marketing is hot. As with all new fields,…

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