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How we maximize conversions while minimizing your costs-per-click

  • We create PPC strategies that integrate with your SEO and other online marketing efforts
  • We place ads strategically on a variety of platforms to make your products and services highly visible to the right audiences.
  • We navigate all the technicalities of your PPC, and stay up-to-date on the latest best practices.
  • We continuously analyze and optimize to spend your money wisely.
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How we can help

Audit of your current campaigns

If your company is running search engine advertising campaigns, we provide a thorough analysis of all metrics and identify areas for improvement.

Keyword research

Successful PPC campaigns start with the right keywords. We research and identify keywords that have the potential to provide the most relevant traffic and best ROI for your brand.

Campaign & ad creation

Our specialized PPC copywriters create ad campaigns that stand out. We provide multiple ad variations to achieve the highest conversion rates and craft landing pages that boost conversions.

International & localized PPC

With a global network of local copywriters, our team can adapt your SEA strategy to fit the specific needs of your international markets. We have experience in creating international paid search campaigns in over 40 countries.

Remarketing & retargeting

From setting up automated retargeting to crafting effective remarketing messages, we create campaigns that keep your brand and products top of mind.

Campaign management

We manage every aspect of your campaigns, including constantly optimizing to improve your results. As part of our ongoing campaign monitoring, we provide regular reports and review calls with our experts.

+40 Countries
20 SEO years
100% Commitment

How we work

Shaped by 20 years of experience.

Effective marketing helps your brand stand out from competitors. At PAN, we know about standing out from the crowd, because we operate differently than most digital marketing agencies. Our founders started PAN after years of working on in-house marketing teams, and that experience has shaped how we partner with clients.

We know that commitment, frequent communication and continuous optimization yield the best results in digital marketing. We act as a part of your team; teaching you best practices and making sure you have the right data and the right expertise to succeed.

Whatever your SEA needs are, we will:

  • analyze your current PPC performance
  • determine the most promising and cost-effective keywords
  • create, manage and monitor your campaigns
  • deliver frequent performance reports
  • provide measurable results

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Thierry De Marre
Co-founder, PAN

If you’re looking for a full-service digital marketing agency that offers truly international paid search services, contact me to learn more.